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There are a few ways to get an awesome computer from EONIC... 

Buy one of our Pre-set systems.  We have selected cases and components that really work well together.  They perform and look amazing.


Fully customize your rig with the components and cases you want, We'll even build it into a gaming desk if you want.  


We'er going to the expo! 

Come to the Canadian Gaming Expo June 23-24 at the Convention Centre in Ottawa 

See our Rebel 1 gaming rig and enter for a chance to win an awesome gaming chair. 

People are talking

Some nice people have said:

"This computer is just lit!"  

"I invited spectators and they are still speechless.  The performance and look of this rig is priceless".

"As a high Tech company we employ a lot of gamers.  We bought the Rebel 2 for our office for downtime and new product testing and love every minute of it."

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About Us

Custom Build Game Rigs

Just want a cool rig or want Pro level gaming?   Let me build your rig, you are in control of components, cases, peripherals and customizations.  I'll put together a rig you'll love and that's easy to upgrade. 

Professional Customer Service

Please contact me by email if you have any questions, I'm happy to help with the selection and customization of your Rig.  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All components are covered under manufacturers warranties and I warranty my build quality for 3 months.  

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EONIC gaming machines


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